Ain't nothing ta see here. Go on... no use wastin' yer time reading or thinkin' bout a snake's thoughts.

Anonymous asked ;  
Your Hollow mask would probably resemble a fox or a snake. Purely white, with a big empty grin.


       Oooh, sounds pretty scary~!

Anonymous asked ;  
If you had a hollow mask, what would it look like?

       Good question.


       Luckily we ain’t ever gonna find out, ne~?

By: うよ
Title: I Found
Artist: Amber Run
Played: 229 times


I’ll use you as a warning sign, that if you talk enough sense,
then you’ll lose your mind. A
nd I’ll use you as a focal point,
So I don’t lose sight of what I want. And I’ve moved further
than I thought I could, b
ut I missed you more than I thought
I would. 
And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be,
right in front of me.

rangikusan asked ;  
#it'd make things easier for ya at least. | Sudden urge to punch someone in the gut slowly rises.


You think you know the answer, you’re going to find peace? Like knowing is somehow going to fix you? You think after what happened there’s any peace for you, sweetheart? How about this. Instead of asking yourself what happened, just accept that it happened.
—Gillian Flynn, Dark Places (via quotes-shape-us)
Anonymous asked ;  
Gin, I hope you you do topeless tuesday tomorrow. You must please your fangirls :)

       ”Eeeh? Since when do I have fangirls?”


       ”…Ya humans are real crazy.”


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Anonymous asked ;  
Gin, do you consider yourself a Fox or a Snake? Also, have you seen Hazama from BlazBlue? I'm pretty sure he's your twin.


       ”Ah, definitely a snake~ There ain’t no mistakin’ it.”


image [clears throat]

       ”…Sorry to let ya down, but I ain’t anythin’ like him.”

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Title: Disarm
Artist: The Civil Wars
Played: 131 times


Disarm you with a smile, and cut you like you want me to,
Cut that little child inside of me, and such a part of you.
Ooh, the years burn.

I used to be a little boy, so old in my shoes.
What I choose is my choice.. What’s a boy supposed to do?

The killer in me is the killer in you, my love,
I send this smile over to you.

The killer in me, is the killer in you.

1. In the space
between heaven and hell
lies a ‘you’ and a ‘me’
an ‘us’.

2. Between today and tomorrow
soft lips will meet for the
very first time and ribs
will be cracked open and
people will fall and all this
will not hurt. Not yet.

3. A moment exists
between life and death
and that moment is

—A.Y // liminal space (via 2wentysixletters)